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El Morito

David Flores Chilcon



Producer Bio

Farm Introduction

In 2013 the plot El Morito was installed with 2 hectares, the varieties Caturra and Bourbon, where I developed activities of conservation management of soil, water, native species, incorporation of compost; the same ones that allowed me to face the damages of the yellow rust.

His quote from Cornelius could just as well concern David Flores, a promising young farmer from the province of San Ignacio in Peru (far north of the Cajamarca region). David is part of a group of 11 producers aged 17 to 23, all as passionate as each other.

This new generation, from the hamlet of Diamante, is the first to revolutionize the practices that prevailed until now and to pursue only one objective: the constant search for quality, at all levels of production.

Starting in 2015 we began to improve and take care to produce a special coffee, we implemented tanks, tubs, drying area, warehouses.

In 2018 I obtain the organic seal through the certifier Biolatina, which guarantees the organic activities that were carried out in my parcel. David's farm, located at 1750m above sea level, is called El Morito and covers two hectares. David grows the Caturra and Bourbon varieties and makes it a point of honor to use environmentally friendly practices. It does not use any pesticides but instead of compost that acts as a natural fertilizer. It uses water management techniques and strives to maintain a diversity of fauna and flora on its land: shade trees such as inga (on which a fruit called guaba grows) rub shoulders with cedars and mandarin trees and it is not uncommon to meet a monkey walking between the coffee trees. In 2018, he also obtained the organic label but did not particularly seek to communicate on it, the quality of his coffee being expressed for him.
This yellow caturra of the 2018/2019 harvest smells like blueberry in the nose. In a cup, this coffee is both juicy and rounder when cooling, offering notes of licorice, molasses and dried apricots.

Farm Location

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