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Kotowa Coffees

Ricardo Koyner



Producer Bio

Instagram: @cafekotowa

Farm Introduction

Duncan is on the eastern slope of the Baru Volcano. This creates a special microclimate where the farm gets Pacific rain from May to Dec and also a bit of Atlantic in the month of Jan-Feb. Duncan is at 1700m but being closer to the continental divide the temperatures can be lower than in other similar altitudes, lowering to around 12°C at night. Duncan is in the eastern slope which is normally very sunny and dry because is more windy due to the Atlantic influence. Geishas on this side of the mountain tend to do well because of the drier microclimates. They have very deep root system that can absorb water even in dry conditions allowing for more concentration of sugars. This is why we can produce the deep fruit flavor at Duncan, where the dryer and more windy microclimate condenses more flavor and sugars into the beans. For the process we then wait for very overripe stage to harvest. After harvesting, we place in the shade for several days and then we move the beans to a specially designed dryer where no hot air is used. This is a machine with a dehumidifier system, with cool air, where we remove the water without heat, allowing for cool drying system to even concentrate more the sugars in the Natural Process. After drying, we place all beans in a resting facility for at least 4 months with controlled air temperature of 16°C and a relative humidity of 65% to ensure the correct environment for the resting and intaking of the flavors of the drying process. Attached is a picture of the beans drying in the shade, the Drying dehumidifier machine and a map of the growing area.

Farm Location

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