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Finca Santa Teresa

Jose Raul Pitti



Producer Bio

Finca Santa Teresa(FST)is a coffee farm and mill nestled high in the cloud forest near the Volcan Baru; Panama's highest peak-adjacent to La Amistad National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Farm occupies237 acres of stunning forest between 1400-1900m above sea level.

We produce a range of premium specialty coffees, including Gesha, Caturra, Catuai and Pacamara varietals.Our Gesha is a regular finalist in the Best of Panama competition, with more than a dozen awards in the last decade Our terroir - rich volcanic soils, high altitude, weather systems driven by the Pacific and Atlantic and a series of ridges and valleys - drives coffee redolent of honeysuckle, lychee and strawberries.

All our coffee is carefully handpicked and processed at our mill which is located on the main, larger farm that comprises FST The smaller farm - Batista - is a short drive away and is separated by virgin forest and our water source La Llorona.

We promote sustainability at FST working to strike a harmonious balance between natural forest, streams and of course our coffee trees, providing a haven for wildlife; birds in particular with toucans, hummingbirds and even quetzels all a regular sight. We have a reforestation programme - planting seeds from our forest in our nursery for eventual planting, and we re-use organic matter from processing as natural compost and fertilizer.

We offer a wide range of washed, honey and natural green beans from more than 20 micro-lots. Our raised drying beds are carefully tendered each harvest and some of the finest coffees we produce are honey and natural prep.

We have a guest cabin on our farm which offers visitors the opportunity to wake up to a sunrise, overlooking the rolling clouds over La Amistad National Park and, in the distance, neighboring Costa Rica.

Farm Introduction

Farm Location

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