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Farm Introduction

Anasora is a privately owned communal wet mill. It began as a remote farm of about 150 hectares of coffee in the nearby area,alongsidethe river Turo. Until 2018 they only produced Natural coffees on the farm. To produce Washed coffees they took the cherries to another washing station called Adola. However in 2018 they built a washing station and now this river is used as a water source to facilitate the processing of Washed coffee at the Anasora washing station for cherries from both out growers and the farThe surrounding area is populated by smallholder farmers who are of Oromo ethnicity and speak Oromife. lsrael, the producer, believes in assisting these farmers through education in husbandry and also through financial assistance. The processing of this coffee is carefully managed, and lsrael has made an intentional decision to focus on quality. They aim to produce twenty containers in total, of which 85% is specialty grade, and four to five containers are of the highest grades.Anasora Washing Stations offers farmer training programs and provides seedlings. The cherries are brought by surrounding farmers who either deliver cherries directly to the washing station, or to a Anasora collection centre in the more remote areas. Farmers are immediately paid a small premium for higher quality cherries/pickings,and most farmers here are registered for a second payment after the coffee is sold with a quality premium. They produce greater volumes of Washed coffees the first part of the harvest, and Naturals in the later part of the harvest.

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