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Finca San Francisco

Ramiro Pauta



Producer Bio

Farm Introduction

Located in the village of Malacatos in the southeastern province of Loja, the estate's coffee has a pronounced citrus aroma and moderate sweetness. Shade trees used in the estate are: Guabos, Porotillos, Faique, VAINILLO and famous natural trees of the region, such as quinine, whose shells cure malaria.

The estate also has a professional beekeeping team that helps pollinate fruit trees and coffee. Phytosanitary control of Trichoderma, Bacillus, biological control of BIT with BAUBERIAN BASIANA, improvement by dipping organic matter into the soil: a cocktail of AGROPLUS, microorganisms, beneficial fungi. Humic acid, humus, agricultural lime, goat manure, compost, bird droppings. The estate is using BPA to ensure quality processes. Our commitment to continuing to improve process and quality. The quality of our coffee is guaranteed so you can taste and enjoy the uniqueness of our coffee.

Farm Location

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