Finca San Agustin

Alfonso Villagomez



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San Agustin is one of the three coffee-producing farms run by the same family, located in the "Tulipe” region, a magical and energetic area known for being occupied by The Yumbos -an ancient nomad tribe known for establishing only in very special places for agriculture or astronomic purposes- hundreds of years ago.
The Davalos family acquired these lands 40 years ago and dedicated them for dary purposes mostly. As time passed by, coffee started to grow naturally(from one single plant brought from Colombia in a family trip) and they noticed it had a really special flavor.
That's why 5 years ago they decided to test the land establishing smallplantations so everyone could have a little of those lovely flavors that once were roasted by grandpa in his own pan,and won the 4th place in the“Best of Quito”contest in2017 with their first and only appearance
The potential of this land is huge and, in the years to come, there will be more than 15 hectares producing only specialty coffee varieties.


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