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El Diamante

Claudia Samboni



Producer Bio

Company Fundation: January 1, 2010

Farm Size: 12 Hectares

Harvest Period: May to June

Farm Introduction

The El Diamante farm is located in El Qebradon village, in the municipality of Palestina, Huila at 1650 m above sea level. El Diamante is a farm that was acquired by us in 2010, it has 12 hectares, where varieties such as Geisha, Caturra, Bourbon rosé, and Colombia are planted around the farm, this gave us the ideal opportunity to carry out processes with each of our coffees, allowing us to achieve recognition, and thus continue to build through the trees that we have seen grow.

This farm has achieved a purpose in us and it is to know that, as producers, we can get the most out of it in our favor, making the coffee industry remember us overtime for what we have been able to achieve and what we will continue to do through this grain, with In order to continue discovering those paths that coffee offers us daily, to be a benchmark for generations and thus manage to leave a legacy that fills with curiosity and happiness by finding so much magic with the smell of coffee.

Farm Location

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