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Producer Spotlight: Auromar Panama

What comes to your mind when you hear IronMan? A Marvel superhero or a competition for the toughest athletes in the world? Beyond imagining Tony Stark running a marathon, a real Ironman can be found in Panama embodied as one of the finest coffees grown by Auromar Coffees, a project from the Elena-Brenes family and run by Roberto Brenes. In the middle of the tropical forest in Candela, Chiriqui, the devotion for producing high quality Arabigas and superior Geishas drives Roberto and his family to run the farm that has been awarded several times in the Best Of Panama competition.

Roberto Brenes - The IronMan

Source: Auromar Coffees.

The name of Auromar Panama Coffees and the name of Finca La Aurora comes after Roberto's daughter Aurora, and the winning lots in BOP are named after his granddaughters (Camilina and Catalina), making growing coffees a "family affair". Although the farm size is around 40 hectares, most of Auromar coffees are coming from 14 hectares farmed area where the shade, soil and altitude give to their coffees the sharping notes, unique acidity and long lasting flavors and aromas. Because of its location, the farm enjoys a stronger shading compared to neighboring farms and the harvest cycle starts in late December and finishes in March when these outstanding coffees are ready to be picked and processed.

Panama's terroir make of their coffees one of the best in world, when the volcanic soil, tropical weather, elevation and human techniques can produce the equivalent to Pinot Noir wines according to Roberto. Through the different stages of growing, picking, and processing, the native population of Gnabe-Bugle are always carefully taking care of every cherry to ensure the best quality while they benefit from Auromar's corporate social responsibility programs. Auromar offers economic incentives and wages above average in order to mitigate the problems related to their socioeconomic condition and nomad lifestyle. We are glad to partner up with a company that have positive impact in the surrounding communities

Source: Auromar Coffees. Gnabe Bugle native

The list of accolades is large for such a young project*:

2013 Best of Panama 1st Place Geisha Natural

2015 96 PTS Auromar Geisha Natural Peaberry PT's Coffee Roasting Co.

2015 95 PTS Auromar Camilina Geisha Dragonfly Coffee Roasters

2015 94 PTS Auromar Camilina Geisha Natural Willioughby's Coffee & Tea

2016 Coffee 95 PTS Geisha Natural Dragonfly Coffee Roasters

2016 Coffee Review 93 PTS Geisha Natural Dragonfly Coffee Roasters

2016 Best of Panama 1st Place Geisha Natural

2017 Coffee Review 96 PTS Auromar Geisha Natural Willioughby's Coffee & Tea

201795 PTS Auromar Geisha Peaberry PTs Coffee Roasting

2018: Coffee Review 95 PTS Auromar Geisha Peaberry Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

2018 Coffee Review 96 PTS Auromar Geisha Natural Willioughby's Coffee & Tea

2019: Best of Panama, 6th Place with Geisha Natural

2020: Best of Panama 5th Place Geisha natural

Coffee Exchange and Auromar

This year we have partnered with Auromar Coffees to bring their superior coffees to China where this far