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More transparency: Samples biometrics and roasters' feedback on WeChat

Would you like to know the result of the cupping score of our Q Graders and a whole evaluation of your coffees? We are going beyond a tracking system by enabling more functions related to cupping and evaluation of the coffees we receive in our office in Shanghai. What's new? For the Producer Platform you can now access to a whole evaluation of the biometrics of the coffees, while now roasters can tell us their expectations on what coffee they would like to buy.

For our Producer Platform we added Biometrics for Evaluated Samples , which will offer more transparency with regard to different stages of Samples biometrics (Evaluation/PreBook/Spot). This allows to see different measures and standards such as defect rate, moisture content, screen size, density and water activity. This whole report will be available after we cup your coffees no matter we can reach a commercial agreement of not.

You can login in your Producer Platform account for to experience this new feature by clicking here.

Screenshot of Biotemetrics tab.

Roasters Feedback on WeChat

For our WeChat mini-program, we're releasing a Samples Feedback feature which is providing Roasters with a quick way of sending us feedback on coffees available on the platform. If you want to learn more about how this works, you can contact our team and will give you a demo of the whole system. By enabling this function we are looking develop a tools for roasters to communicate with producers and to let them know what they think about the coffees we have in stock.

This is a first iteration of the Feedback feature - next release for this will provide functionality for the Producers , by showing them Roasters feedback for their coffee. Our aim with this feature is to bridge the gap between Roasters and Producers in order to help drive sales .

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