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Marketing and promotion. Coffee Exchange in action

How to sell my coffee in China if I don't speak Mandarin and I am at the other side of the world? In Coffee Exchange we can help you to solve this problem and successfully enter into the Chinese market. After the selection process, we coordinate the shipment and after confirming the departure date of the vessel from origin, we will start selling the different lots. You can check out our previous post about WeChat, which is one of our sales channels (click here). However, we go beyond just offering your coffees and we actively promote them in the market in different events,, posts on social media, preparing merchs for our clients, and more.

We have clients of all sizes and requirements: small coffees shops and coffee lovers, coffee shop chains and factories. How do we reach them? We are constantly monitoring their requirements and sending samples.. Besides that, we enjoy sharing with them and we frequently host different events and cupping sessions in our office. For example, last Wednesday 28th, we have organized a cupping event in China in the Professional Coffee Athletics Camps gathering more than 15 different roasters who booked their ticket. In this event, we hosted a virtual cupping session with Finca Santa Teresa, Kotowa Coffees and Auromar Coffees.

Promotional Flyer of Cupping event July 28th

Attendees to the event

In this event, had a video call with the producers where they introduced the story of their farm, location, and processing methods of the different coffees we are currently selling for them. In addition, we live-streamed the event on Douyin (Chinese version of Tik-Tok) and Instagram. The attendees were able to learn more about their favorite coffees, meet and greet the producer, and to ask questions. Worried about language barrier? We had translation Chinese-English for all the attendees and guests.

Attendees enjoying the aroma of ground coffee before cupping

Video call with Finca Santa Teresa

Building loyalty, brands and relationships.

In CEx we become your partner in China and we facilitate the communication with the roasters who buy your coffees. Our add-value comes from the direct relationship between both ends and helping them to overcome language barriers and distance For this reason, we help you to build your brand in China by advising you how to market your coffees, and take care of the implementation of your marketing strategy.

For example, to build loyalty from the roasters, we made customized t-shirts for roasters who bought coffee during pre-booking for Finca Paraiso 92 of our producer Wilton Benitez. The design includes our logo and Wilton's and it is delivered with the purchased coffee for the roasters as as gift including a promotional cupping spoon with our logo.

Customized t-shirt for El Paraiso

If you wanna learn more about our operations and sales process in China, please get in touch with our team. We would be more than glad to represent the name of your company and farm and have your name in our portfolio.

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