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Learn about Chinese Coffee Market with CEx

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

We are specialist in China market. Everyday we manage orders of different clientes of all sizes. Our staff is invited to be judge in different competitions and is highly qualified. But, how is the market? We help you to overcome the language barrier and have curated a set of information and news related to China. If you have further questions, please, contact the team.

China’s Seesaw Coffee Gets $15.4 Million Investment from HeyTea.

Main intake: Seesaw is a pioneer in the coffee culture in coffee, and HeyTea large chain for different beverages. The investment looks to expand the size of Seesaw in China and have a large penetration in the market.

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Tim Hortons opens up impressive esports cafe in China:

Main Intake: Tim Horton's has opened more than 1500 stores within two years in China, whereas in Canada has 4500 outlets. The speed up the already fast growth, Tim Horton's is expanding hand on hand with another big market: video games by partnering with Tencent and QQ (one of the biggest mobile gaming companies in China)

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China among top 10 destinations of Ethiopia's coffee in July :

Main Intake: Export volume and revenue of coffee, tea and spices exceeded the expectation of July 2021 from 21 tons coffee to 33 tons an the end of the month,.

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5 reason why the "new luxury" is the new normal in China.:

Main Intake: Chinese consumers are attracted to brand that's make them feel special, prevailing the pursue of self-identity and prestige. Consumers prefer brands with: Accesability (distribution), performance (perception of quality), affordability (pricy but still financially reach), aspirational (to be modern and cosmopolitan) and distinctiveness (feeling of being special) as main driver as luxury goods consumption.

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Taste of Central Africa in Changsha, Hunan.:

Main Intake: In Hunan province there is a market to promote products from Africa where different companies can benefit from preferential tax rates to develop the market.

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About consumption and increasing imports of different qualities: volume of coffee bean imports increased by 104.3 percent year on year, with the total volume up 76 percent. Instant coffee accounts for 68% of the total market in China, ready-to-drink coffee accounts for 10%, and freshly ground coffee accounts for 16%.

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Black Sheep Espresso - Shanghai

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