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Guide to Sending Samples

Updated: Jan 16

Before coffees are sold on the CEx platform, we ask that producers send samples of their coffees that will be evaluated by our Q-Graders. This evaluation will allow us to give you a market price for your coffee based on your requested price, the quality of coffee, and the local market preferences and conditions.

Below is a guide on how to ship samples and which documents are required. If you have any questions, please contact the CEx team and we can help you out!

Steps to shipping samples:

  1. Package your samples – we require the coffee be ready to roast, meaning no parchment or other presentation.

  2. Prepare documents for your shipment:

  3. An invoice with the value of the package (itemised estimated value)

  4. Phytosanitary certificate – original sent with package.

  5. This is REQUIRED in order to send samples to China and needs to include Chinese registration number and Overseas registration number.

  6. Packing list, specifying:

  7. Weight of beans without packaging

  8. Total weight of entire package (including bags, etc.)

  9. Description of coffee beans – region, farm, processing method, variety, requested price. Same information will be required in our Platform.

  10. Attach these documents in an envelope or plastic film on the outside of the package. Chinese customs WILL NOT open the package to retrieve documents, so they must be attached to the exterior.

  11. If you send multiple packages, each package must have its own set of documents attached (invoice, itemised list, phytosanitary cert, etc.)

  12. Label each bag – variety, processing, farm name, and weight.

  13. Ship samples and send us the tracking number, price list, and available quantity of each lot to be evaluated through our Platform.

Other notes:

  • This is our standard process but we advise to check the national legislation in this matter and get back to us with any concerns.

  • For samples evaluations, the producer pays for shipment. Think of this as an investment to find potential buyers overseas and promote your coffees internationally.

  • Best companies to ship samples: DHL or FedEx because customs clearance is faster for us. Any other company is still ok and completely up to the producer, but the first two are preferred as we lower the risk of samples lost in transit.

---->Contact information<----

Name: Jacky Zhang


Tel. No.: (+86) 17612021806

Company address: Coffee Exchange (Shanghai) Ltd. Co. Room 1A, No.322 Jiaozhou Road Jing'an District. Shanghai, China 200040

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