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Finca Santa Teresa's coffees were sold in less than a week!

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Established in 1997, Finca Santa Teresa (FST) adjacent to La Amistad National Park and close to the border with Costa Rica, FST is well-known for the production of high-end coffees. From the different varietals produced in the farm and process in three different ways(washed, honey and natural), the most famous is the Geisha variety which has been ranked multiple times among the top-10 in the Best Of Panama.

EXPERIENCE WITH CEx - SKUs sold within a week

After the quality and market evaluation as first step of working with us, in CEx we started the pre-booking in early February and after one week all the coffee was already sold. As Nicola from FST expressed about this partnership: "This is the first round of this year, and it’s really good to see that the coffee was well received and sold out quickly".

We are also excited to help coffee producer to find their way into the emerging Chinese coffee market and to establish long-term relationships and to build step-by-step their brand in China.

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