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Commercial partnership with Mexican Council of Extraordinary Coffees

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Lead by Enrique López from Finca Chelín through the Mexican Council of Extraordinary Coffees (hereinafter MCEC) we have established a commercial partnership for the international promotion Mexican coffee in China and to help Mexican producers enter and succeed in this market. Furthermore, the main goal of this partnership is to consolidate Mexico as origin as Enrique has achieved after years of hard-working cooperation in other countries such as Australia.

What's the Mexican Council of Extraordinary Coffees?

It is an association established in 2020 which goal is to help producers to improve the quality of their coffees and incomes, and to educate and instruct the national consumer and to promote Mexican specialty coffees overseas. It also provides advisory and instruction to producers for better production performance and to establish public partnerships with different governmental institutions to in order to improve the socioeconomic conditions of the national producers.

Rescuing Pluma Coffee Variety.

One of the projects Enrique and the Mexican Council are working on is the rescue of the Pluma Coffee Variety, aiming to renew more than 500 hectares of crops and to increase the production over the years (aiming 25 containers by 4 years). This project is promoted by the MCEC in cooperation with Alejandro Murat, Governor of Oaxaca State, and Juan Pablo Guzmán, Secretary of Economy, and Tocana Distribución, S.A de C.V company in charge of exporting the coffees to China. This State is aiming to support small producers in their activity, social welfare and international promotion of this variety in cooperation Tocana Distribución and Coffee Exchange.

We are glad to partner up with this organization and we excited about the beginning of this long-term partnership.

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