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Coffee Exchange Marketing and cupping event

Coffee Exchange is a B2B marketplace that allows you to connect directly with roasters in China. Besides shortening the supply chain, we also help you to overcome the language barrier and cultural shock. Before, we have posted about our marketing and sales strategies, and we want to update you about our events in August.

We cooperate with Cup of Excellence to host different cupping events and help our customers to bid for lots of their interest, From the first event for Ethiopia, we have hosted several events and this months we have the opportunity to host COE Honduras.

Roasters in China had the opportunity to sign up for a cupping event in which they could taste the outstanding coffees of this competition. 25 different samples plus 6 samples who scored more than +90 points SCA and were awarded with presidential prize.

Cupping event Honduras

One of our producers, Asociación de Productores de Café "El Sauce" (APROCAS) was ranked in the fourth position of COE Honduras with a Pacas Washed by Esteban Madrid cupping 90.17.

Esteban Madrid

This also helps us to promote coffees from Honduras from our producers and Honduras as an origin, which is becoming more and more popular. We also had the cupping event for Ethiopia in August. Both events were full booked and a huge success.

We thank all the participants and COE as organization to help us hold this kind of event.

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