What coffee countries does Coffee Exchange work in?

We are able to work in any coffee growing country providing your business can support the export of coffee. If you cannot export coffee from your country please contact us as we may be able to find a partner for you to work with. For sales we ONLY sell to Chinese coffee roasters currently in Mainland China.

Can i sell my coffee in the USA or Europe with Coffee Exchange?

No - We currently only have sales operations in mainland China.

Why sell my coffee in China?


How do you handle shipping, consolidation & logistics?

Samples are handled via international couries such as Fedex, DHL and UPS. We provide very detailed instructions on how to ship samples to China for us to evaluate. We provide all logistics, handlign and customs clearance support from port of origin up until final delivery to roasters. The cost of logistics are included in the final price of the coffee that is offered to roasters.

Listing Coffee

Can i sell any coffee on Coffee Exchange?

Although we believe every coffee deserves to find a buyer, we do not allow coffee that hasn't been cupped, evaluated and curated by our inhouse team to be be sold on Coffee Exchange at this stage. Currently our service market are Arabica coffees that score above 84 on the SCA scale.

How do you evaluate Coffees?

Coffee Exchange has four Q Grader in our cupping lab that meticulously roast, cup and evaluate hundreds of samples on a weekly basis. When we evaluate coffees from samples we use a propriority review system that uses many aspects of the coffee including Origin, Cost, Variety, Process method, Market demand, Market prices, competition along with many other factors.

Does Coffee Exchange buy coffee?

Short answer - No. However, we are able to finance transactions with producers with a history trading on the platform.

Opening an Account

How do i open an account?

The platform is accepting coffee producers from single farm, cooperatives to exporters. You can open an account from


How do i get paid?

Payments are made in US$ from Coffee Exchange (Shanghai) Ltd at anytime requested by an account holder. Funds paid are for delivered and verified transactions which can be viewed via the platform. Coffee Exchange handles all China based VAT receipts and transactions.


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