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What is Coffee Exchange?

Coffee Exchange is a global platform where green coffee is sold by producers to roasters. We connect our exclusive value-chain network and support growth with our international operations and marketing teams.

Why is Coffee Exchange different?

Designed for coffee producers; a system providing market access with support. Coffee Exchange’s global team will assist from harvest to roastery.

about us

Services for producers and roasters. Coffee Exchange utilizes technology to streamline the entire process and increase transparency. The company provides logistics, customs clearance, quality inspections, marketing support and final delivery.


Track your coffee all the way to the roaster. 

CE provides transparency reports with live data so you can engage with your market directly.


Buy from producers and save with CEx services. 

Utilize our logistics network to land coffee at your roastery door. 

the team

Lewis Harding

Nicole Diefenbach

Nika Zhang

Nicolas Velez

Alok Somani

Kerric Knowles

Anthony Ng
Hong Kong SAR

Cathy Huang

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