Coffee Exchange is in the process of creating a B2B marketplace to connect producers of specialty coffee directly with roasters. Our big idea is to use technology to create supply chain TRANSPARENCY for producers and streamline green coffee discovery and sales for roasters.  

We work directly with producers in origin to consolidate shipments to the destination country. We then warehouse and sell coffee to roasters.  We are also curating and sharing content from producers to enable roasters to share the coffee's production story with their customers.  Please join us on our journey to transparently connect producers directly to the market.  Producer testimonials are here.  

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Coffee Exchange sells green coffee to roasters in quantities ranging from 5 lbs to full pallets.



  We love large orders but are equally thrilled to service and support boutique roasters that prefer to buy less than a bag at a time. More is on the way from origins that include Costa Rica, Kenya, and Burundi. Please click here for our latest offer sheet and here to be added to our email list.    


We hold our green coffee at Costa Oro Fife and Dupuy Houston and are working on opening a green coffee warehouse in Denver to service the mid-continent

If you’re a roaster in need of a mid-continent warehousing option, please contact us at hello@coffee.exchange.  


Track your coffee all the way to the roaster.


Coffee Exchange provides transparency reports with live data so you can engage with your market directly.


Buy from producers and save with CEx services.

Utilize our logistics network to land coffee at your roastery door.

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The English, North, and Central American founders started Coffee Exchange to provide coffee producers in WORLDWIDE with trustworthy and reliable access to the China market

We graduated from Shanghai-based China Accelerator in December 2018 and closed our first round of funding with SOSV and Artesian Venture Partners in mid-2019.  We have since launched our B2B market-place in China and have over 1500 roasters on our platform.  


We launched Coffee Exchange USA just as the pandemic swept the world.  Oops, bad timing.  But we have carried on and are planning to launch the US version of the B2B market-place in mid-2021.  Coffee Exchange USA is headquartered in Boston, MA with our sales and fulfillment center in Denver, CO.   We are always happy to catch up over a cup of coffee

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